Flowers made from cans by Golden

At the beginning of the 90s, Golden, his wife and their small children came to Cape Town like thousands of other people from the rural areas, hoping for a job and a better life. He couldn’t speak English and was part of the 65% unemployed population in the townships, feeding his family by collecting recyclable rubbish.

He had an ever repeating dream about flowers. One day he got the idea to make flowers out of tins that he collected.

Golden began making daisies out of tin cans. After a while of practicing he was able to sell his first flowers. As he improved his technique, he starting making other types of flowers, including roses, lilies, poppies, protea and birds of paradise flowers out of used tin cans.

Golden buys the tin cans from the children in his neighborhood, which they collect and bring to him. This gives the children some pocket money and teaches them about the environment and recycling. His own children help him with painting the flowers by hand. Today he is well known in the area for his art and is able to secure an income for his family and to provide his children with an education.