Happy Feet in Langa

Happy Feet was founded in 2007 by 8 members who learned how to perform a gumboot dance, a typical form of dancing in South Africa. Since then the group has expended to more than 40 members. Other than performing gumboot dances, they also perform traditional dances and play soccer.

The members are boys and girls who are between 4 and 16 years old who come from the poorest areas of Langa.

The purpose of this project is to keep the children away from the streets, alcohol, drug abuse and crime.

Under the mentorship of Siviwe and Nathi (both local township guides) these children have developed skills which can help them find success outside of the township setting. They already have already performed at the Universities of Cape Town and Stellenbosch, at festivals and company events. Highlights from the last two years include performances at an art festival at the Artscape theater, the biggest theater in Cape Town.

The children also learn to work in a team, discipline and to respect one another. Handicapped and HIV positive children are also integrated in the group and learn to accept each other. Other than buying equipment and food, earnings are also spent on excursions, helping to improve the group dynamics. The poorest families are also supported with clothing and school fees for their kids.