A visit to the townships is not only a must for tourists but also for South Africans, as more than half of the South African population is living in townships or similar areas. Our individually guided and personalized Township-Tours will give information about the history and traditional background and more insight and understanding for the way of living. During the tour you will not only get into contact with the people but will also be able ask questions and have the opportunity to enter into conversations.

Almost all of our tour guests are stunned to see how happy and welcoming the people in townships are and that you will not only see people living in poverty but also middle class and some up market areas.

At the end of a tour we very often hear from our guests that this tour was the most impressive experience during their stay in South Africa. You will get an overview on some of the review portals and on our page Media.

To understand and to really get to know the country, a visit to the townships is a must. Not only for safety reasons but also for getting a more informative and unforgettable experience we strongly recommend not to do it on your own. Make use of a guided tour with a local guide who knows the townships well.