A picture of a german article on Hajo and Township tours

The other side of Cape Town

This article was originally published in German in the magazineKapstadt.com. One of their journalists writes about his wonderful experience during one of Hajo‘s Township tours.

See English translation of the original article (PDF file 284kb)

A woman making beaded jewelry at Khayelitsha craftmarket

Khayelitsha Craftmarket

Founded at St. Michaels Church in 1997, the Khayelitsha Craftmarket has since become an important part of the community. The craftmarket provides a great opportunity to see how bead works, paintings, sculptures and wire art are handmade. Besides manufacturing and selling arts and crafts, the crafters use their skills to teach other interested members of the community so that they can learn and maybe also make a living out of it.

Often the money that the artists make selling their crafts is the only income for their families. Therefore if our guests are looking for souvenirs or gifts, we always advise them to have a look in the townships first to directly support the families of the artists and crafters.


A Snapshot of a german article on Hajo and Township tours

The Cape of New Hope

This article was originally published in the German magazine Kapstadt.com in the 2009 Spring edition .This article provides a backstory to how Hajo’s Township Tours began and why Hajo Kowalke’s decided to emigrate from Germany to South Africa.

See English translation of the original article (PDF file 200kb)

Artist Odon showing his sand paintings

Sand paintings by Odon

Odon Serginho de Carvalho was born in 1974 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and he moved to Angola in 1996 to join his family members. During the civil war in Angola he escaped to South Africa via Namibia in 2000.

He learned the sand painting technique from his uncle, with whom he shared a shack with when he first arrived in Cape Town.

Each piece of art is made up of sprinkled coloured sand which he applies to the canvas. Through lots of dedication and hard work Odon has improved his technique over the years. He says “I like the feeling of working with sand. It also is a lot of fun for my visitors to watch me and also try to do it, which also is exciting for me in return”.

Over the years Odon has gained a reputation for his unique art, which has helped him to improve his life style. The themes of his sand paintings are mostly of Africa, animals, landscapes and townships, but he is also happy to create art based on requests.

Artist Mgadi making 3d painting out of recycled trash

3D township pictures by Mgadi

Sithembele Mgadi attended an art class in 2000 where he learned how to mix colors and draw.

After training he didn’t have enough funds to buy all the materials he needed for drawing, so Mgadi had an idea to work with used material which he recycles. After trying several methods he started creating 3D pictures of the townships.

His work quickly became popular which led to other artists trying to copy his work. His 3D artwork is made out of cardboard, wood, paper, tins and other materials. Besides his workshop in Khayelitsha, you will also find his artwork being displayed in a few art galleries around Cape Town.

Mgadi also does individual work according to your ideas and specifications.

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Artists Golden displaying his Tincan flowers

Flowers made from cans by Golden

At the beginning of the 90s, Golden, his wife and their small children came to Cape Town like thousands of other people from the rural areas, hoping for a job and a better life. He couldn’t speak English and was part of the 65% unemployed population in the townships, feeding his family by collecting recyclable rubbish.

He had an ever repeating dream about flowers. One day he got the idea to make flowers out of tins that he collected.

Golden began making daisies out of tin cans. After a while of practicing he was able to sell his first flowers. As he improved his technique, he starting making other types of flowers, including roses, lilies, poppies, protea and birds of paradise flowers out of used tin cans.

Golden buys the tin cans from the children in his neighborhood, which they collect and bring to him. This gives the children some pocket money and teaches them about the environment and recycling. His own children help him with painting the flowers by hand. Today he is well known in the area for his art and is able to secure an income for his family and to provide his children with an education.

Mosaic flooring in Langa

Mosaics and mosaic-mirrors by Sandi

Sandi Mdekazi attended art classes after he finished school in 2000 where he learned how to create mosaics out of ceramic tiles, glass and mirrors.

He quickly developed his own ideas and got first orders for larger mosaic work, which decorates several facades in the townships and other buildings.

He also did the mosaic reception desk for the Red Cross Children’s Hospital in Cape Town. In 2008 he won the first price of an art competition.

Besides creating large mosaics, Sandi also creates smaller mosaics and mosaic mirrors in his workshop in Langa, which are ideal for transporting oversears and hanging in your home.

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A woman weaving at Philani weaving project

Philani weaving in Khayelitsha

Philani is one of the oldest and most well-known projects in Khayelitsha. It was founded by a medical doctor from Sweden in 1979. The project helps single mothers, mothers who are HIV-positive and foster mothers of AIDS orphans to generate an income.

The project is visited and supported by advocates such as Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Madeleine of Sweden, the Dalai Lama and former First Lady of the US, Laura Bush.

A special aspect of this project is the integrated kindergarten, which allows mothers to work her, knowing that their children are taken care of on the same property. Medical help and advice for a healthy nutrition is also available in this project.

The mothers mainly manufacture hand woven tapestry, runners and carpets. Others print on fabric and manufacture table cloths or aprons. All products are sold at the shop of the project, the mother who made the sold item will get a share of the price.